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Welcome to Anarchopedia, the far-left encyclopedia that anybody can make stuff up on.

Reality Has a Liberal Bias
Reality Has a Liberal Bias
At Anarchopedia, we are dedicated to showing what big, scary words 
like 'balance', 'bias', and 'fact' actually mean by demonstrating 
not even the slightest grasp of them.

We have well over 200 articles, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the greatest encyclopedia in the history of existence.

Also, GrandMaester has recently discovered that Anarchopedia will appear in Google searches. This proves our importance!

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Anarchopedia is at WAR!. Followers of a false prophet have besmirched our great Tome! This shall not stand! A call to all true Anarchopedians to save the Tomes and revert the damage from the non-believers!

EDITOR ALERT: From now on, it seems you need to log in to edit Anarchopedia. If you don't yet have a screen name, make one and let ShikiSysop know so he can make you a sysop. Moreover, you need to have an email address associated with your screen name to make edits now. It might be a good idea to create a new gmail or hotmail address, since I cannot guarantee the security of this site.

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